As a licensed attorney in Connecticut and New York, Attorney Nickse handles a wide variety of legal disputes in and around Fairfield County

Are you located in Fairfield County?

Attorney Nickse practices with the law firm of Collins, Hannafin, Garamella, Jaber Tuozzolo, P.C., with its main office in Danbury, Connecticut and resides in Wilton, Connecticut. Attorney Nickse often appears in Superior Court in Danbury, Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford, as well as several other courts surrounding Fairfield County.

Have you tried to settle a debt or collect a debt but been unsuccessful?

Debt disputes can be very frustrating. Attorney Nickse will guide you through the legal process to obtain a judgment and then collect that judgment. Depending on your circumstances, Attorney Nickse will pursue an attachment of the debtor's personal and/or real property before or after judgment. While debt collection may require continued pursuit of a defendant well after judgment to seize his/her/its assets, Attorney Nickse will follow through to make sure that you collect the money owed.

Don't think you are being fairly pursued by a creditor or disagree with the amount owed? Attorney Nickse's knowledge of debt collection law will help protect your interests.
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The general term, "debt collection", may include a variety of contract disputes. A verbal agreement is a contract. If you have a dispute, whether it is over money, personal possessions, real property, poor work performance, or between landlord and tenant, it is very important that you consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Failure to file an action after a certain period of time has passed may prevent you from bringing a lawsuit against the person(s) or business(es) that have harmed you.

Is your son or daughter struggling in school?

Attorney Nickse has experience handling education law matters including representation of students at expulsion hearings and resolution of special education matters that impact your child. Is your son or daughter struggling in school? When it comes to your child's education, a problem with your child's education may impact him/her over his/her lifetime. Whether your child faces school expulsion, bullying or suspension, improper diagnosis or management of his/her special education needs, Attorney Nickse will take the time to overcome these situations. Often, a student's suspension coincides with a criminal matter. Attorney Nickse will also represent your son or daughter in the criminal case. Results in one legal proceeding often impact the other. Having the same attorney represent your child in the criminal and education matter will help to avoid any missteps in either matter.

Are you being investigated as a possible suspect in a criminal matter or have you been arrested and charged with a crime?

Attorney Nickse handles a variety of criminal cases in both the superior and juvenile courts. Attorney Nickse will also represent a person suspected of a crime who is being investigated by the police. Often, speaking with a lawyer before deciding whether to speak to the police is critical.

What makes Attorney Nickse the best lawyer for you?

A consultation ensures that you and your lawyer will communicate well throughout the legal process. Communication between attorney and client is critical in virtually every case and may mean the difference between winning and losing in court. Attorney Nickse regularly offers legal consultations. While she is away from the office when at court or meetings, Attorney Nickse makes herself available to clients: Email at [email protected] ; Phone at (203) 790-3628 or (203) 744-2150 ; Fax Attn: Stephanie Nickse at (203) 791-1126.

Are you struggling with another type of legal matter?

Although Attorney Nickse does not practice in every area of law, let her decide if she can help you. Attorney Nickse has the privilege of working with 13 other excellent attorneys with a wide variety of legal backgrounds and legal experience. Attorney Nickse will be happy to listen to your needs and direct you to an attorney at her firm that can help you.

Want to know more about Attorney Nickse?

Visit her firm's website at You can read Attorney Nickse's biography at You can also read about Attorney Nickse on the Web. Google "Stephanie Nickse." You'll find out much more about Attorney Nickse, including information about her hobbies, education, and active role as a board member of Housatonic Habitat for Humanity which serves Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, New Canaan, New Fairfield, Newtown, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston and Wilton. Attorney Nickse was raised in Newtown , Connecticut , and has a vested interest in her community… her entire community. She is dedicated to representing you to the best of her ability and will go above and beyond to make certain that you have the best legal representation.

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Brief Background

Bucknell University , B.A.
Quinnipiac University School of Law, J.D.

Current Memberships:
Housatonic Habitat for Humanity
Danbury Bar Association
Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
Connecticut Bar Association
Danbury Chamber of Commerce

Recent Publications:
Legislature Refocuses on Increasing In-School Suspensions and Reducing Bullying in Schools , Connecticut Lawyer, Volume 19, #7, March, 2009

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